IA Renewal

Air Check Aircraft LLC. is proud to offer this 8 hour ADS-b ADS-b, TRANSPONDER & IFR CERTIFICATIONS Course for Repair Station personnel and IA renewals. (FAA Acceptance # C-IND-IM-161014-K-010-001 for IA renewal.)

Internet Resources for MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL Describes the internet and provides tips on how to safely navigate the web to obtain FAA technical data. (FAR43.13)Learn about:

  1. Hardware and software
  2. Computer risk & malware
  3. Identify official Websites
  4. Safely download data
  5. Download Controls
  6. Security enhancement
  7. Individual internet behavior


MODE S TESTING: With ADS-b new transponders may be desired.  Mode S transponder operations and testing are covered.  (FAR 43 App. F)

  1. Mode S Basic Theory
  2. Mode S Transponder Levels
  3. Squitters
  4. Hex Address
  5. Discrete interrogation
  6. Diversity
  7. Downlink Formats
  8. Mods S transponder AD’s
  9. Address / Incorrect Address
  10. ADS-b Testing


HUMAN FACTORS TRAINING explains the purpose of the HF training and includes:

  1. H.F Responsibilities
  2. Safety Culture
  3. Causes of HF failures
  4. Symptoms of fatigue
  5. Symptoms of Stress
  6. Improving Communications


TRANSPONDER BASICS: Covers the basis and development of the ATC system basic infrastructure:

  1. Primary & secondary radar
  2. Basic Theory/Radar Sites
  3. Transponders
  4. Altitude Encoders
  5. Distance Measuring Equipment
  6. Antennas & Location
  7. Required testing intervals (FAR 91.413)


MODE A-C TESTING Describes Mode A-C transponder and:

  1. Test requirements (FAR 43 App F) (91.413)
  2. Mode A, C Pulses
  3. Fruit & Garble
  4. Mode A, C Transponder AD’s (FAR Part 39)
  5. Minimum Triggering Level
  6. Suppression
  7. Frequency
  8. Power





ADS-b will be required Jan. 1, 2020 in the airspace that now require mode C. This course explores:

  1. ADS-b Background& FAA 2020 Mandate
  2. FAA Space and Surface Infrastructure
  3. ADS-B Out Equipment (FAR 91.225/227)
  4. ADS-b In, Equipment and,
  5. Traffic: Active Traffic, TIS, Rebroadcast
  6. ADS-b Security Concerns



  1. IFR Cert AD’s (FAR Part 39)
  2. Static Test (FAR 43 App. E)
  3. Altimeter Test
  4. Correspondence Test
  5. Equipment (FAR 145.109a)
  6. Maintenance Release (145.219)
  7. Repair Station Requirements
  8. FAA Data Collection tools

(FAR 145.161 145.163 FAR 145.211)



Seats are limited, Please email or call for Registration.

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